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Providing you with the highest quality European Lace Bobbins and other lace-related items direct from the manufacturer, imported in the USA at the lowest prices. Oversees shipping cost and US Customs import fee is included. Mailed to you by two/three day USPS Priority Mail with Tracking Service.  Click here to go to the LACEMAKING CIRCLE - a wholesale discount service club that gives you substantial daily promotions and special discounts up to 50% and check our customer's TESTIMONIALS

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How to keep your bobbins shiny: the finest product you can use is the natural oil from your hands.  Therefore our best recommendation is that you use them often and they will always look like they did on the day you received them.   High quality HARDWOOD: our bobbins are not coated or varnished.   The wood is polished to its natural high sheen: the hallmark of excellent hardwood.   The types and sections of wood are selected for their durability and other characteristics: resistance to termites and other infestations.   Their high density permits finishing the bobbins without varnish or stain.  Not a single endangered tree has been destroyed for their manufacture.   PRICES and order information:  we will only charge (or process) your credit card at the time we are shipping your order.  The cost each is the listed price at time of processing minus the discounts at that time.  Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.  The Lacemaking Circle DISCOUNTS may change daily.  The ORDER information you are sending uses a secure website and your Credit Card information will be encoded.  By using our online order system you agree with the conditions stated in this statement.  PRIVACY: Your name and information will not be sold or exchanged with any other company. COPYRIGHT: the Lace Magazine international, the bobbins and all images are copyrighted 1982/2005 by L&A, Palo Alto,  CA, USA. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be duplicated in any form, even electronically, without the express written agreement of L&A. RETURN POLICY: If you are not completely happy, return your bobbins within 15 days in the same condition by USPS insured Priority Mail and we will promptly send you a refund check for the full amount (minus the original mailing and insurance cost). We even enclose a return label with your bobbin order. Sales of cut items are final. Return check fee $15 in addition to  bank fees. No returns on items sold at "Special Price". TRACKING: you will be able to track each order on line with a tracking number. We are only responsible for shipping your order.  Proof of shipping will be send  at your request. See also our PRIVACY STATEMENT, INSURANCE note and MAILING COST info at the ORDER INFO page

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Hardwood selection

.02 Guatambu

ysbGD-02.jpg (23335 bytes)Balfourodendron riedelianium, Fam. Rutaceae. Cream to light beige in color, sometimes with a greenish tint. The wood structure is smooth with some occasional greenish grain. It is comparable to Hard Maple and grows in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

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.04 Bubinga

ysb13-04.jpg (24989 bytes)Guibourtia demeusei, guibourtia tessmanii, Fam. Leguminosae. The wood is rose-red with violet veins, showing as lines or flames. Very fine structure often used as veneer. It grows in Jabon and Cameroon.

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.12 Palmwood

ysbBA-12.jpg (21628 bytes)Buxus sempervirens, buxus macowani, Fam. Buxaceae. Very hard wood with fine grain. Very dense and hard to split, once cured. This wood is not related to palm trees. Small trees grow in the Caucasus mountains of Southeastern Europe and Middle East.

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.15 Ebony

ysb18-15.jpg (21314 bytes)Diospyros sp. div., Maba sp. div., Fam. Ebenaceae. Brown or black, sometimes striped. It is extremely hard and durable. It grows in Ceylon, tropical West Africa, Southeast Asia and Madagascar.

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.16 Padouk

ysb13-16.jpg (24018 bytes)Pyterocarpus soyauxii. Fam. Leguminosae. The original orange to light gray color fades to a soft reddish color. Very strong wood from tropical West Africa.

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.17 Rosewood

ysbLP957.jpg (24105 bytes)Dalbergia nigra, dalbergia stevensonii, dalbergia latifolia, dalbergia sp. div., Fam. Leguminosae. Color variations range from pale white to orange red and orange yellow. Older trees have brownish red wood with dark, sometimes violet veins. Sweet scent. Very hard wood often referred to as Palissander. It grows in Honduras, Brazil, Near-East, Southeast Asia and Madagascar.

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.20 Pinkwood

ysb18-20.jpg (26293 bytes)Dalbergia frutenscens var. tomentosa. Fam. Leguminosae. Also called Pink Rosewood. Precious wood, very durable and heavy. Creamy white to salmon pink with red bands and stripes. Grows in Brazil.

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.01 Hard Maple 

ysb13-01.jpg (25236 bytes)Hardwood similar to Guatambu but with a lighter color. It is specially selected to paint on. These bobbins are not polished. They are available polished by special order.

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.18 Black Chacata 

ysb11-18.jpg (13583 bytes)Chacate preto. Fam. Leguminosae. Is a dark brown near black with a few lighter honey brown streaks. Very dense wood with fine textured grain. Grows in Mozambique and South Africa.  The more it is exposed to light, the darker it will become. 

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